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Californian Samantha O’Keefe has found paradise and the perfect terroir. Tucked into the foothills of a dramatic mountain range at the bottom of Africa. A passionate vision, combined with vines planted at 300 metres, which are chilled by winter snow and nourished by the African summer sun, produces classic, cool climate wines which are rich, complex and lovingly hand-crafted. Facing adversity along the way including a devastating fire in 2019 which burned the cellar and her home to the ground Samantha has pushed on and is one of the most sought after wine makers in the world.



05 | Vermentino ‘Timo’, v £25.95

San Marzano (Italy) Thyme and rosemary enhanced by peach and green apple flavours through to a saline, zesty finish.


06 | Viognier ‘The Age of Grace’, v £42.00

Lismore Estate Vineyards (South Africa) Beautiful perfume of honeysuckle and orange blossom and a textured palate of apricot, kiwi and pineapple.


07 | Chardonnay, Lismore v £45.00

Estate Vineyards (South Africa) A lively and mineral palate of apricot, mandarin, orange zest and white peach, with notes of toasted hazelnut on the long, elegant finish.


San Marzano

In 1962, 19 vine growers from San Marzano whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish ‘Cantine San Marzano’. Using modern and technologically advanced vinification techniques they produce elegant wines that pay homage to the ancient Apulian wine traditions. The fusion of time honoured tradition, passion and contemporary techniques, enables this winery to produce wines with distinctive varietal and regional characteristics while reflecting the local terroir. We are certainly proud to list these wines and to share them with you.



08 | Negroamaro ‘Il Pumo’, v £5.75 | £8.00 | £22.95

San Marzano (Italy) Juicy, mellow and savoury with raisined red fruits. Smooth and moreish.


09 | Primitivo di Manduria ‘Talò’, v £31.00

San Marzano (Italy) Stewed brambly fruit with a background of vanilla and cinnamon packing a punch of flavour.


10 | Primitivo di Manduria Riserva v £45.00

‘Anniversario 62’, San Marzano (Italy) Densely flavoured and fleshy with hints of prunes and chocolate covered black cherry combined with fresh herbs.

175ml    250ml    bottle




11 | Smederevka, Tikveš £4.75 | £6.75 | £18.95

(Republic of North Macedonia) Tropical and stone fruits with vibrant, zesty citrus.


12 | Sauvignon Blanc, £5.00 | £7.25 | £19.50 Vellas (Chile) Rounded and well flavoured with notes of ripe pears and fresh finish.


13 | Pinot Grigio, £5.00 | £7.25 | £21.95

Villa Benizi (Italy) Crisp and refreshing. Apple and hazelnut flavours with a hint of spice.

14 | Chardonnay, Domaine v £5.60 | £7.85 | £21.95

des Pourthié (France) Elegant hint of butteriness on the nose, refreshing, with creamy finish.


15 | Viognier, £5.90 | £8.50 | £23.50

Viña Edmara (Chile) Apricot, pineapple and peach through to a fresh apple finish.


16 | Sauvignon Blanc, £6.60 | £9.25 | £24.50

Faultline (New Zealand) Well rounded, fresh and delicate. Sweet honeysuckle & tropical fruits.


17 | Godello, Finca OS Cobatos (Spain) £28.95

Refreshing notes of vanilla, stone fruits and pineapple with a zesty finish. 18 | Sauvignon Blanc ‘Origin’, v £31.00 Saint Clair (New Zealand) Classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Vibrant and crisp passion fruit and gooseberry.

175ml   250ml   bottle




21 | Rioja Tinto ‘Rivallana’, v £5.40 | £7.60 | £20.50

Bodegas Ondarre (Spain) Modern, unoaked. Full of vibrant summer fruit.


22 | Nero d’Avola ‘Vitese’, £5.50 | £7.80 | £21.00

Colomba Bianca (Italy) With rich, juicy flavours of fleshy plum & black cherries.


23 | Merlot ‘Foundstone’, v £5.55 | £7.90 | £22.50

Berton Vineyard (Australia) Easy drinking. Notes of plums and blackberries.


24 | Malbec, El Tesoro de £5.75 | £8.00 | £22.95

las Montanas (Argentina) Aromas of ripe black fruit, leather and tobacco spice. Full-bodied with flavours of blackberry, damson and roasted spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon.


25 | Pinot Noir, Viña Edmara (Chile) £23.50

Black cherry & raspberry aromas, rose petals & violets.


26 | The Black Shiraz £6.50 | £9.00 | £25.95

‘Winemakers Reserve’, Berton Vineyard (South Australia) Ripe cherry, plum and mocha over hints of smoky oak.


175ml   250ml   bottle

Champagne & Sparkling

01 | Prosecco Extra Dry, £7.95 | £26.95

Favola (Italy) Fresh, fragrant and fruity. Aromas of pear and apple.


02 | Bertrand de Monceny, £27.95

Blanc de Blancs Méthode Traditionnelle Brut (France) Fresh and zesty with a bitter lemon finish.


03 | Vin Mousseux Rosé Sec, v £27.95

Emilie Laurance (France) Fruity and soft red berries complemented by subtle hints of vanilla. 04 | Champagne Collet, v £48.00 Brut (France) White flowers, lemon zest, quince and white peach, are combined with delicate hints of spice.

200ml    bottle





19 | Pinot Grigio Blush, £5.30 | £7.50 | £21.00

Novità (Italy) Fruity with aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries.


20 | Zinfandel Blush, £5.30 | £7.50 | £21.00

Sunset Point (Italy) Red berry and pink grapefruit aromas



27 | Noble Riesling v £5.50 | £35.00

‘Godfrey’s Creek’, Saint Clair (New Zealand) Notes of pear and stone fruit with a long, lingering honey and lemon zesty finish.

28 | White Port, Barros (Portugal) £3.25 | £33.00

Delicate and engaging taste combined with a long and harmonious finish.


29 | Late Bottled Vintage Port, v £4.85 | £40.00

Barros (Portugal) Dark ripe fruit notes, reminiscent of plum, figs and blackcurrants

50ml     bottle

70ml     half bottle

175ml    250ml    bottle